scalable technology for the global imperative

leading the next
industrial revolution

imperative tech for a sustainable future

our focus:

earth’s most
imperative challenges.

We provide hard tech decarbonization startups with strategic capital and expertise during the most critical phases of commercialization scale-up

Our Thesis

without scale there is no impact

We invest in companies that are built to scale from the outset, 
ready to compete in the biggest markets on earth:


filling an imperative gap

We target crucial funding gaps between seed & growth stages.


technology risk


shift to
project financing
portfolio highlight

industrial game-changers

Creating cleaner materials for everyday life, starting with Plasma Black—a critical low-emissions component of the car tire of the future. Monolith is rapidly scaling up, most recently securing a major partnership with Goodyear Tires.
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our team

imperative experience

Decades of experience; deep networks across industries; a pragmatic passion for company-building—

our core qualities give us a unique insight into the imperative scale-up inflection points.

Meet Us
As the world begins to comprehend the enormity of the decarbonization challenge, hard tech startups need more than principle-driven investment to innovate and scale. We also need strategic partners who add value through their ability to connect key leaders and technologies, provide knowledge from their experience, and help envision and carve the path forward. Monolith has found exactly this type of partner with Imperative Ventures.”
Rob Hanson
Co-Founder and CEO, Monolith
a once-in-a-generation shift is underway—

bedrock industries are undergoing tectonic transformation.

We back founders building hard tech solutions addressing enormous opportunities in the energy transition - without compromising cost or performance.

Our Vision

let’s build the industrial future

Are you an early-stage hard tech company driven by scalable decarbonization?

 Together we can solve imperative challenges.

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